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Introduction »Suzuki »GSX-R600/750 K6,7 2006-2007 » Swing arm cover for GSX-R600/750 K6,7


Swing arm cover for GSX-R600/750 K6,7

2006 - 2007

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Top quality fiberglass body panels!


Swing arm cover for the Suzuki GSX-R 600/750 K6,K7

2006 - 2007

- Swing arm cover (right&left)


Made of Carbon

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest and stiffest reinforcements available. In addition to high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios, carbon fibers are thermally and electrically conductive, have low thermal expansion coefficients, and have excellent fatigue resistance. The impact resistance of carbon fiber laminates, however, is less than most other composite materials.

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