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 Materials used by PASCALPLAST manufacture motorcycle fairings

GFK - Fiberglass 



Our parts are made of high-quality polyester resin reinforced by fiberglass + woven glass fiber. Normal production is laminated in white gelcoat, polyester resin, and reinforced by Kevlar fabric in the gripping areas.


Woven Glass Fiber - Avio fiber 


Structural parts in aircraft construction, automotive parts, marine applications. Light weight cloths tend to provide a smooth finish. Woven glass fiber is a dimensionally stable engineering material that does not stretch or shrink after exposure to extremely high or low temperatures. The high strength-to-weight ratio of glass fiber makes it a superior material in applications where high strength and minimum weight are required.




This fabric combines the properties of 2 unique reinforcement yarns. Carbon provides high levels of stiffness and strenght, whereas Kevlar provides huge impact/abrasion/fracture resistance. This distinct looking hybrid cloth is used in many high-performance, high-impact applications such as canoes, military ballistics and rally-car panelling.



Carbon fiber is one of the strongest and stiffest reinforcements available. In addition to high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios, carbon fibers are thermally and electrically conductive, have low thermal expansion coefficients, and have excellent fatigue resistance. The impact resistance of carbon fiber laminates, however, is less than most other composite materials. Style 284, a 2/2 twill weave, is a light weight bidirectional fabric and an aerospace standard. The 2 x 2 twill weave creates an outstanding cosmetic appearance. It also makes the cloth highly formable to curves. It is compatible with epoxy, and vinyl-ester resins.

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